Fly Rentals, Newly Launched E-Scooter Brand

Fly Rentals, a newly launched e-scooter app in Kalamazoo Michigan, offers an open road to freedom


The increasing efforts to control the pollution level in both developed as well as developing countries have fueled the demand for e-scooters. Many e-scooter rental startups are hitting the unicorn status at a surprisingly fast pace. These startups leverage the demand by dropping e-scooters on the streets and a feature-packed e-scooter rental app on PlayStore and App Store. 

However, they only offer these tiny e-scooters on rent to the people of big cities; and give a cold shoulder to small cities. But this business approach of big players gives a room to other new startups to maneuver in small cities. One such startup is Fly Rentals which recently launched an e-scooter rental business in Kalamazoo, a city of Michigan. 

Fly Rentals – rent e-scooters in Kalamazoo, Michigan


Kalamazoo is a city in southern Michigan, known for Kalamazoo River Valley Trail and The Kalamazoo Valley Museum. More than 70000 people of this beautiful city rely on own cars and the metro transit buses to travel within the city. But these are not feasible transportation options for the people of Kalamazoo who want to travel quick and affordable. Moreover, Kalamazoo is the home of Western Michigan University which accommodates more than 24000 students who have to walk from the nearest bus station to the university. 

Amid such an unsettled situation, Fly Rentals emerges as a ray of hope. It lets people of Kalamazoo open the road to freedom. Micro mobility vehicles of the Fly Rentals are distributed on the streets of Kalamazoo to travel within the city while not hurting the pocket. Fly Rentals allows people of Kalamazoo to get rid of the worry of traffic and rising gas prices. 

What leaders of Michigan cities are thinking about e-scooters?


Leaders of many western and southern Michigan cities have previously said that they are working to bring e-scooters to their downtown. Andrew Kilpatrick, Public Service Director of Lansing which is just 75 miles away from where Fly Rentals is currently operating quoted college students as the frequent users of rental scooters. He stated that college students can grab e-scooters easily and go around downtown very quickly. Thanks to effective leadership, the streets of Lansing have already been flooded with 400 e-scooters of Lime and Bird. 

Talking about the Kalamazoo, the Deputy City Manager, Jeff Chamberlain said a while ago that city leaders expect to see e-scooters in Kalamazoo in the near future. However, while stating this line, he also exhibited his concern over the working of the e-scooter rental program and the safety of riders. 

Fly Rentals studied the Michigan e-scooter laws precisely and after presenting a genius business plan, Fly Rentals was rewarded with the permit. They actively minimize liability and promote safe riding. In fact, they are keeping an eagle eye on all ongoing rides, proper parking of e-scooters and speed of e-scooters to ensure maximum safety of riders and pedestrians.  

How to use the Fly Rentals e-scooter app in Kalamazoo, Michigan?


To rent out e-scooters of Fly Rentals in Kalamazoo, an e-scooter app is the only medium. The app is available on Play Store and App Store to download for free. Once you download it, you’ll need to follow the following steps. 

  • Sign-up using Google account or social media account.
  • Once you sign-up successfully, the app asks you to add card details. It is a mandatory step as the app is built with the automatic payment system. 
  • Now, you are on the main screen of the app. On this screen, you can see all nearby e-scooters. Click on the e-scooter icon to know the exact location of the e-scooter and battery level of that e-scooter. 
  • Navigate yourself to an e-scooter and find the QR code printed on the e-scooter. 
  • Open the in-built QR code scanner from the Fly Rentals app and scan the QR code to unlock it. 
  • Once you unlock the e-scooter, you can start riding it. 
  • When you reach your destination, park an e-scooter at a suitable parking spot and lock the e-scooter from the app itself. 
  • As soon as you lock the e-scooter, you’ll get a payment confirmation message. If you have any questions regarding the e-scooter and payment, you can simply ask the team of Fly Rentals from the app.  


Who can use Fly Rentals e-scooters in Kalamazoo, Michigan?


The underlying purpose of the Fly Rentals e-scooters is to move people from point A to B in a secure and affordable manner. The only thing Fly Rentals validates when you sign up is your age. If your age is below 12, the app simply won’t register you as the user. Anyone who has already surpassed this number can unlock an e-scooter and ride it. 

Daily commuters who commute within the city can use this environmentally friendly mode of transportation. And commuters who commute in nearby suburbs can use Fly Rentals e-scooters to eliminate the boring walk from the bus stand to the workplace. 

Fly Rentals everyday redistributes its majority of e-scooters near the West Michigan University. Meaning, students of the WMU can use e-scooters to reach class quickly. Students living in downtown can also use e-scooters to outdistance the traveling time of public transportation.

A new international student or a tourist can rent out Fly Rentals e-scooter and visit all the tourist attractions of Kalamazoo without hiring a car and spending huge.

People of Kalamazoo can use Fly Rentals e-scooters for a trip to the store. For such a purpose, an e-scooter is a much more feasible solution than taking out the car and wasting fuel unnecessarily.

However, there are certain laws imposed by the Michigan State Government which every rider should keep in mind while riding an e-scooter on the streets of any city of Michigan.

Michigan e-scooter rules for the riders 

Recently, many e-scooter riders have been involved in fatal crashes. So, to keep riders away from the deadly crashes, the government of Michigan state has imposed many rules for both operators and riders. Following are the top rules which a rider should not disobey. (Operator – Fly Rentals – has already been satisfying rules and this is why they still own the permit!) 

  • While riding an e-scooter, you must not carry another person. 
  • You cannot exceed 25MPH. 
  • You can ride on the sidewalk. But while approaching a pedestrian, give an audible signal.  
  • You must wear a helmet. 
  • When operating between a half-hour after sunset and half-hour before sunset, you must have front and rear lights on.

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